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Elections of Board Office Furniture

Wuxi XSX Metal Materials Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 25, 2016

Nowadays, modern office furniture more and more life in the market, wide range of materials. Board office furniture now account for a larger share of the market, because of its novel and difficult to deformation, easy, colorful, clear wood as well as mothproof, advantages of affordable by the majority of consumers love, new owners in the furniture category. What type of furniture? Select furniture what tips do you have? On this issue, the reporter visited Fu XING Hua Shen furniture Shoppe.

Quality: quality mainly depends on quality of the CD saw, edge, surface quality and the quality of the port. General sheet metal cutting saw blades technology within 0.01 mm per meter, meets the accuracy requirements of the plate behind the CD saw profile formation, good angles, high cut off, screen does not appear after work furniture plate tilt phenomenon. Edge, surface decoration is mainly look at the decoration part coating is uniform, door, drawer joint gap is too large, which generally require between the 1mm~2mm, whether the open sliding doors and drawers, such as flexible.

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