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Characteristics And Classifications Of Large-Section Aluminium Profiles

Wuxi XSX Metal Materials Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 20, 2016
Large section of special aluminum profiles are getting rapid development and having wide applications, primarily because of its unique advantages to meet diverse market needs.

1, Large-scale and Integrated:
With a large mosaic of materials to replace more than one profile, not only saving die and extrusion production costs and reducing splice cost.
They can make perfect structures on mechanical components, increasing structural strength and rigidity.
Without welding, riveting, bonding, crimping the seam, they have better tightness.
2, Thin and Lightweight
Lightweight modern aerospace aircraft and railway vehicle, subway trains and double-decker buses, cars and ships are all developing to a trend of high speed, heavy load, therefore, presented to the large aluminum alloy profiles "larger" "wider flat", "thinner-walled" requirements.
Profile of width-thickness ratio (the ratio of width "B" and thickness "t" makes B/t) is an important indicator of  difficulty degree of aluminium profile machining. When B/t  130, we can produce qualified products; while B/t>130, cross and geometric precision is difficult to guarantee, and productivity and yields fell sharply, which finally costs increased substantially.
3, High precision of Section Dimension and Geometric Tolerance
Geometric tolerances including section dimensions and cutting length twisting, flatness, curve, wave-form is very strict. Sometimes the precison requirement for general machining equals cold drawn products.
4, Homogenizing and High Quality of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties 
As a structural material, it requires uniform,  coarse grain-free organization, and has a high and uniform vertical, horizontal, and high performance.

Large section profile categories:
According to purpose and use attributes they can be divided into:
1, General profile: bar, t-type and I-type, channel, etc
2, special profiles: customized special profiles
       And according to applications, special profiles are divided into:
  • 1, aviation profiles
  • 2, vehicles large-section profiles
  • 3, ships and weapons large cross section profiles
  • 4, electrical and electronics, home appliances, telecommunications and air conditioning cooling profiles
  • 5, petroleum, coal, electric power, and mechanical and electrical manufacturing industrial profiles
  • 6, traffic and transport, containers, refrigerated containers and highway bridge large-section profile
  • 7, construction and agricultural machinery large section profiles
  • 8, others, such as sports equipment, diving boards, clamp member profiles and so on.


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