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Application Of Aluminium Alloy Profiles In Furniture

Wuxi XSX Metal Materials Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 06, 2017

360截图20170406094523691.jpgAs we all know, aluminum alloy profile is a kind of light weight, high strength, green structural material. Because of its excellent mechanical properties and processing performance,there is a "green wood" wave in the field of architectural furniture.

Due to the unique mechanical properties, there are various forms of furniture with aluminum alloy structure. They are mainly divided into fixed, removable, folding types.

Fixed Type

Fixed  type is normally with all furniture pieces combined by the way of welding. It is characterized by uniform force, with stable and excellent performance, reducing the installation process. But the disadvantage is that it takes up space, which is not conducive to storage, packaging or transportation.

Folded Type

Folded types can be divided into folded and stacked ones. They are commonly used in tables, chairs with aluminum alloy profiles structures. The application of planar linkage is based on the main form of connecting. The form of furniture can be changed through the rivet folding. It is characterized by little space occupancy, convenient storage, transportation.

Disassembled Type

Disassembled aluminum alloy furniture consists of metal components, auxiliary parts, connectors, parts and components with bolts, screws, nuts link etc. Disassembly is the most common form of aluminum alloy profiles structure. Due to the dismantling structure in the design of the application of industrial principles, parts are standardized, generalized, serialized, thus simplifying the number of parts specifications. Correspondingly, it extends the service life of the equipment, reducing the cost of the products. To adapt to the modernization of large industrial production, it becomes the future direction of aluminum alloy furniture design and production .


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