The Application of Friction Stri Weld in Aluminum Industry

Wuxi XSX Metal Materials Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 20, 2016

Friction stir welding is a green solid-state welding process based on micro zone forging. The process is characterized by: an automatic non-wire filling welding;the joints has excellent mechanical properties; one-sided penetration; low stress; nearly no distortion. And the process is simple, reliable, no arc. It is a process especially suitable for aluminum welding.

With the increasing power dissipation of industrial and electronic products, the requirement for the width of aluminum heatsinks and radiators are also increasing. However, the width of the aluminium profile radiator and heatsink is decided by the extruding machine tonnage, which limits the manufacturing of large sized radiators and heatsinks. Meanwhile, due to the energy conservation requirements continue to deepen, launching more than 4500 tons profile extrusion equipment is difficult. And finally it resulted in high price of wider aluminum profile products, while conventional welded products has large deformation, uncontrollable porosity inclusions and other defects. The use of friction stir welding process can infinitely widen the profile products, greatly reduce the extruder limitation, while ensuring product quality and appearance stability.

See the aluminium heatsink below. It is extruded first, and then friction stir welding applied to form.

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