Packaging Material of Solar Photovoltaic Cell Module-Aluminum Frames

Wuxi XSX Metal Materials Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 15, 2016

Most solar PV modules have more than 25 years outdoor lifetime, and which requires high performace of their aluminum frames with good resistance to oxidation and corrosion-resistant properties. Generally, photovoltaic aluminum frames with surface treatment by anodizing, sandblasting and electrophoresis oxidation can achieve better durability.

Anodizing: the electrochemical oxidation of aluminum or aluminum alloy. The aluminum or alloy article is used as an anode; and a surface oxide film is formed by electrolysis method. A metal oxide film changes the surface condition and performance, such as colored surface, improved corrosion resistance, improved abrasion resistance and hardness etc.

Sandblasting: Usually after sandblasting, the entire oxides can be removed from the surface. And after sand impact, the surface layer of the aluminum is oppressed into a dense arrangement. With metal crystals becoming smaller, it can achieve firmer dense hardness.

Oxidation Electrophoresis: is the use of electrolysis in some metal surface coated with a thin layer of other metals or alloys. With a metallic coating on the aluminum surface, the surface properties of the substrate or size can be changed according to requirement. Metal plating is to enhance corrosion resistance (coating metal usually applies corrosion-resistant metal), to increased hardness, to prevent wear and lubricity, resistance heat and surface aesthetics.

Aluminum frames for solar photovoltaic cell module plays roles as belows:

1, protective glass edge;

2, improve the overall mechanical strength of the assembly;

3, combined with silica gel enhances the sealing of the assembly;

4, easy to install and covenient for transportation.

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