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Aluminum common screens, aluminium Windows, etc. It is produced by extrusion molding process, namely in the furnace and melting of raw materials such as aluminum ingots after extruder extruding to die out, it can also be extruded profiles of the various sections. Main properties of strength, hardness, resistance to abrasion according to national standards GB6063. Advantages: light weight only 2.8, does not rust, design changes, die longitudinal elongation of low investment, up to 10 meters. Aluminum-look shiny, matte and its processing technology using Anodic oxidation processing, surface oxide film thickness of 0.12m/m. Aluminium wall thickness according to product design optimization to choose, not the thicker the better on the market should see section structure is designed, it can be uneven in 0.5~5mm. Layman thinks that the thicker the hawkish view is wrong.

Aluminium profiles in a wide range of uses in the furniture: screen skeleton, hanging beams, table legs, decorations, handles, Groove and covers, seat tube, and so on, can be ever-changing designs and use!

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