Forming Technology of the Aluminum Cae

Wuxi XSX Metal Materials Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 21, 2016

Aluminum housing is more common packaging shell, aluminum shell forming process: what is, today, let us follow the author's look together.

Domestic cold Extrusion die manufacturing difficulties, large aluminum shell are only made with car-shaped manner. Is in need of attention, for the processing of aluminium shell, its edges and screws must be rounded to avoid sharp edges and burrs.

Also link with the knurled, aluminum enclosures shall be designed as far as possible without fabric ... and rolled fabric flower processing and plating, knurled parts plating salt spray testing there will be corroded. In contrast, straight line knurling connection ring of salt spray test corrosion is much lighter.

Because of the casting base is loose, after electroless plating porosity is extremely high. Because aluminum shell matrix is electroless nickel cathode coating, product storage and use in the process, once exposed to air in the corrosive medium, it will accelerate corrosion of aluminum shell matrix, resulting in plating bubbling and peeling.

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