Eliminating the surface cracks of aluminium profiles

Wuxi XSX Metal Materials Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 02, 2017

Surface crack defect Characteristics of aluminium profiles: the surface of aluminium profiles is longitudinal fish lin-like repeating pattern, which is severely separated by direct fracture.

Causes of surface cracks of aluminium profiles:
(1) The extrusion coefficient of aluminum profiles is too large, the extrusion temperature is too high (rod, barrel, mold temperature), the extrusion speed is too fast;
(2) Extrusion pressure instability, suddenly high and low, or the speed difference between the adjustable rate of the obvious, shifting speed of the sudden change;
(3) Aluminum alloy profiles extrusion at the head end of the pressure (stamping) too fast, the tail end of running speed or not deceleration, the infiltration of aluminum in dead zone;
(4) The quality of the rod is inferior, the rod inside is burned, the big grain, loose. (V3 aluminium) is too thin;

(5) The flow rate of extrusion dies is unreasonable in design and manufacture.

Eliminating the surface cracks of aluminium profiles:
(1) The extrusion coefficient too large profiles can be placed in small machine production, the use of suitable extrusion ratio; In addition the extrusion three temperatures must strictly according to the production process requirements control, to adopt the appropriate extrusion speed;
(2) The working spirit concentrated, stable speed regulation, pressure can not or high or low, when shifting the manual operation coordination;
(3) Aluminum profile shutdown the front-end and the rear end is dead or V3 volume (aluminum rod surface) aluminum, impurities, poor quality, insufficient viscosity, so the extrusion speed of profiles to slow down;
(4) Aluminum rod surface to be delicate and clean without oil, internal organization to meet the normal pressure remaining (rod length of 5%);
(5) Extrusion die designers to design and manufacture uniform flow rate of qualified molds.

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