Classification of aluminum and aluminum alloys

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Pure aluminum is quite soft, full of ductility, and is easy forming. According to various application, other alloy elements can be added into aluminum to achieve higher strength and improve the properties of the material.

Aluminum alloy can be processed to sheet, strip, foil, tube, rod, wire and forgings (deformation of aluminum alloy). It can also be processed into casting, die casting and other casting material (aluminum alloy casting ).

Aluminum and 

Aluminum Alloy

(deformation of 

aluminum alloy)

Non-heat Type AlloyPure Aluminum1×××Series,e.g. 1000
Al-Mn Alloy 3×××Seriese.g. 3003
Al-Si Alloy 4×××Seriese.g. 4043
Al-Mg Alloy 5×××Seriese.g. 5083
Heat Type AlloyAl-Cu Alloy 2×××Seriese.g. 2024
Al-Zn-Mg Alloy 6×××Seriese.g. 6063
Al-Zn-Mg Alloy 7×××Seriese.g. 7075
Al-other elements Alloy8×××Seriese.g. 8089

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