Burr and shock mark of aluminum extrusion profile

Wuxi XSX Metal Materials Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 18, 2016

Burr and chatter mark is a common defect in the production of extruded aluminium profiles. Burr is not intuitive, and is difficult to find unless touched. Chatter mark is a sign of relative concentration of particle surface.

The harm is: in the process of electrophoresis, anodizing, it is difficult to get rid of the burrs and marks; and will affect the surface appearance of aluminium profiles, resulting in waste.

Burrs and chatter marks are caused for many reasons, and there are some common ones as follows:

1, mold aspect:

Caused by mold elastic deformation

Empty cutter location is too shallow, bringing about the increasing of aluminum pick-ups.

A part of the normal flow of metal and impurities in the blind spot has frictions.

2, the influence of extrusion process:

During the extrusion process, the high temperature, the fast metal flow rate, the increase of the degree of deformation of the mold will all cause aluminium pick up.

The gap between the mold pad, special pad and the mold, as well as the uneven position of workpiece will affect the extrusion process.

3, Aluminium Ingot quality:

Bad welding and matrix defects of aluminium ingots, resulting in metal flow discontinuities and formed aluminum picking up conditions. 

Solutions for above problems are usually as follows:

1, select the appropriate number and type of machine, improve mold strength, reduce blind spot, make good control of mold surface roughness and working surface hardness, thereby reducing aluminum pick-ups. After mold polishing, spray rust inhibitor on the connecting surface of mold parts. And lock tightly when loading the mold set.

2,  install white lights at the the extruder outlet in order to observe the burrs in real time; Accordingly, choose the best extrusion temperature, heating temperature and extrusion speed, and adjust these parameters in the production process. Limit the number of aluminium ingots loaded on a machine. Machine operator should check tooling pads, special pads, mold carefully before production. In the production process,  shaking of the ingots should be avoided.

3, Strengthen the analysis of aluminium ingots macrostructure. Make quality under control, reducing defective materials being put into use. 



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