Basic Characteristics of Aluminum and its Scope of Application

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Basic CharacteristicsMajor featuresMain Application Areas
Light Weight

The density of aluminum is 2.7 g / dm3,  about 1/3 of copper or iron. It is an  ideal lightweight metal material.

For the manufacturing of aircraft, spacecraft, rail vehicles, automobiles, ships, bridges, high-rise buildings, heavy machinery parts  and light weight containers, etc.

   High Strength

Mechanical properties of aluminum are not as good as steel. But its high strength can be achieved by adding copper, magnesium, manganese, chromium and other alloying elements. Aluminum alloy has better strength  than ordinary steel and even can be  comparable to special steel.

For the manufacture of bridges (especially  bridge, movable bridge), aircraft, pressure vessels, containers, building construction  materials, hardware, etc.

   Easy Processing

Aluminum has excellent ductility  which makes easy extrusion of hollow  profiles and complex shapes adapted  to stretch thermoplastic processing  and a variety of other cold forming.

Force structure unit frame, general stores  and a variety of containers, optical instruments and other precision parts of  complex shape.

  Nice Appearance 

Aluminum alloy has an oxide film on its surface, silvery white, and is very  beautiful. After oxidation treatment, the oxide film on the surface become stronger, and you can also use the colored and spray methods, to create a  variety of colors and surface gloss.

Building siding, decorative utensils, decorations, signs, doors, windows, walls,  cars and aircraft skin, instrument housing and interior decoration materials, etc.

   Good Thermal 

   and Electrical 


Thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity of aluminum is preceded only 

by copper, and is 3 to 4 times of the 

iron and steel.

Wire, bus connectors, pot, rice cooker, heat exchangers, automotive radiator, electronic components, etc.

  Good Reflection    of Light and Heat

Light reflectivity of polished aluminum is 70%, high-purity aluminum with electrolytic polishing can even be up to 94%, higher than that of silver (92%).  Aluminum heat radiation and waves  also have good reflective properties

Insulation materials lighting, mirrors, roof tile panels, parabolic antenna, refrigerator,  freezer, emitter, the well-being

   Non-magneticAluminum is non-magnetic.

Compass on board with the antenna, the  wheelhouse appliances



Aluminum at low temperature shows good strength without brittleness, so it is  ideal for cryogenic plant material

Refrigerator, freezer, Antarctic snow 

vehicle, group of hydrogen production unit.

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