Aluminum Solar Profiles with Extinction Electrophoresis Technology

Wuxi XSX Metal Materials Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 13, 2016

Currently, aluminum profiles of extinction electrophoresis are mostly used in the photovoltaic industry.As we all know, aluminum coating has to withstand the strong sunlight, especially the UV. At the same time, most of the photovoltaic power plants are constructed in extreme environment where air humidity is relatively high. Therefore, the requirement for extinction electrophoresis is much higher than normal electrophoresis profiles.

Take GB5237.3-2008 as an example, the clause 4.4 about performance of composite films defines moisture-proof rule as follow: After 4000 hours damp heat test, the deformation of the composite film in levels should be less than Level 1. And according to GB / T 1740-2007 test method,it specified testing requirements as test temperature of 47 ℃± 1℃ and relative humidity of (96±2)%.

However, the photovoltaic application requirement for the temperature is 85℃ and relative humidity is 85%. After 1000 hours damp heat test, no bubbles appear. It has much more harsh requirement on film perfomance under high temperature and humidty.

If electrophoresis coating is not baked well in some parts, as acrylic resins and amino resin crosslinked inadequately, it will cause intermolecular network structure loose. Bubbles will appear, films will chalking and profiles will tarnish.

Curing is an important step of the electrophoretic coating formation process,which can directly affect the film's performance. Relative research shows that, inadequte curing brings about poor heat, chemical, solvent resistance and bad hardness; while over curing brings about poor adhesion and chipping resistence.

The ideal curing condition of extinction electrophoresis is uniform baking temperature in each part of the aluminum profiles, at the same time, the baking time and temperature control should meet the standard. Only this way, the coating film can achieve the best performance.

Against the insufficient and excessive baking problems in electrophoresis coating films, we need to adjust the structure design of the curing oven and the circulating air drying, to analyze a cross sectional structure of the profiles. On a regular basis,  we need to detect the actual operating temperature of the curing oven, and timely correct the deviation to ensure the compliance with extinction curing operation standard.

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