Aluminium v.s. Steel in Scaffolding System

Wuxi XSX Metal Materials Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 21, 2017

360截图20170421131642478.jpgThe discussions about aluminium and steel have been around since long time ago. And when we come to the material of scaffolding system, the comparison will be brought up once again.

The biggest advantage of an Aluminium system over Steel is its lighter weight. This difference impacts the efficiency of erecting or dismantling a scaffold by manpower, as well as the transportation of all these tubular profiles and boards. Initially, an Aluminium system may be more expensive, but over time the handling advantages will save more than you expect.

Where the weight of scaffolding directly impacts on the substrate, or needs to be transported over areas with weight restrictions aluminium tubular profile is a preferred material.So less weight means:

·         Saving transportion costs 

·         Saving labour required for erection and dismantling 

·         Handling all components more easily

·         Assembling Faster

·         Less potential for damage to surrounding works / environment.

The Aluminium advantage is in its inherent low weight while maintaining a high capacity to bear load. And also its portability  gives Aluminium scaffolding another advantage. The extra benefits with safety, handling and flexibility make it an ideal material of choice. Not to mention aluminium profile has longer longevity and is of higher recycle value.

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