Aluminium Formwork: New Favorite in Construction

Wuxi XSX Metal Materials Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 17, 2017

As early as 1962, aluminium formwork first started in The US. After wood formwork, steel formwork and plastic, the fourth-generation of aluminium came up. Because of its natual advantages compared to the other three materials, aluminium formworks are highly favored in construction abroad, including the United States, and Canada and other Western countries, as well as Mexico, Brazil, and Malaysia, Korea, India and other emerging industrial countries. They are gradually on the large-scale use of aluminum formworks.

Aluminium formworks are developed fast and applied widely in construction, mainly due to its incomparable advantages.

LIGHT WEIGHT. Template of aluminum weighs less than 19 kilograms per square meter, compared to wood, plastic, and steel formwork, which advantages are pretty obvious.

SHOTER CONSTRUCTION DURATION. Aluminum formwork system is a quick assembly and demolition system. Construction for one floor can be finished within only four days, and it greatly improves the construction schedule, saving management costs.

Efficient and Convenient. Aluminum template installation is fairly simple and convenient. And because of the lighter weight, it can be handled and Assembled by human without any mechanical assistance. And the system design is simple, skilled installers can install 20-30 square meters per day, significant savings in labor costs.

FEWER SEAMS AND HIGH ACCURACY. After removal of aluminum formwork, smooth concrete surface quality can generally meet the requirements of finishes and fair-faced concrete. There is no need for plastering and plastering costs can be saved.

GOOD STABILITY. Most aluminum formwork system capacity can reach 60,000 cattle per square meter, can meet the requirements of most formwork load of residential buildings.

LESS WASTE. All parts of aluminum formwork system can be reused  following the construction of model. There is almost no waste after the demolition of support system, so the whole environment  keeps safe, clean and tidy.

UNIVERSALITY. Aluminum template have various specifications, and they can be assembled according to different specification sheet. When used in the construction of a new building, only about 20% of Standards Boards need to be changed, substantial cost is saved.

HIGH RECYCLING VALUE. Following the template of aluminum scrap, the high recovery rate of aluminium with higher residual value of scrap, the cost advantage is obvious.

LOW-CARBON. Characteristics of aluminum templates can be recycled. As a renewable material, it's in full compliance with national building energy saving, environmental protection, low carbon emission reduction regulations.

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