The Application of Aluminium Channels

Wuxi XSX Metal Materials Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 30, 2017

77642359870561602.jpgAluminium Channels (U-Profiles) are bars with extruded edges, which has a channel in the center of the product. They are commonly used to hold other materials together.

Aluminium channels are frequently used as joiners or fasteners, allowing different materials to be held together. Being the most commonly structural components, they can be used to in the furniture, shelving, windows, machines, ladders, automobile parts.

Aluminium alloy material has a number of advantages compared to other metal materials. Aluminium profiles have some of the highest tensile strengths and durability of any metals used on the market today.  And they do not require much in the way of maintenance, which allows them to be used for years on end without repair. Because of this, aluminium alloy is the material of choice to use for long-term applications.

Aluminium channels offers a good balance of a high strength-to-weight ratio, good durability, excellent corrosion resistance, and good machinability that makes it a very adaptable product. They have wide varieties of uses as structural components, machine pieces, and fasteners, and glass partitions etc.

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