MPE Tube And Micro-channel Flat Tubes

MPE Tube, Multi-Port Extrusion, Micro-channel Flat Tubes,Heat Exchanger Tube manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Aluminium Extruded Profiles.

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MPE tube has large internal surface area, and is high heat transfer efficient. So it is an ideal material for efficient heat exchangers.


Grade: 1100,1050, 3003, 3102 

Temper: H112

Certification: ISO, RoHS


(1) Width: 8~32 mm 

(2) Tube Thickness: 1~4mm

(3) Wall  Thickness: 0.15~0.4mm

(4) Bar Thickness: 0.15~0.4mm

(5) Length: 100~1000 mm (±0.5)

                  1000~2000mm (±1.5)

                   2000~4000mm (±2.5)


• Low energy consumption
• High performance
• Less space, less weight
• High resistance against corrosion and pressure resistance
• High recycle value
• Pressure drop

MPE flat tube is mainly used in the following aspects:

• Condenser
• Evaporator
• Heater core

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